All Saints Church

All Saints Church has been a focus of Hereford life for over 800 years. Its dramatic twisted spire dominates the skyline, and the medieval interior is an inspired meeting of the sacred and the secular: we aim to serve the human need for physical and social as well as spiritual nourishment.

The original All Saints, probably dating from 1200AD, did not last long and it may well have been damaged by an earthquake. Rebuilding was soon started, but took a long time and it was not until about 1330 that the new church was completed, very much as we see it today.

It seems that the tower and spire had always leant over (until the straightening of the 1990s), because the builders did not realise until it was too late that they were laying their foundations of one side very close to one and possibly more rubbish puts. In later years the spire was given a further twist at the top, as metal fixing for the stones rusted badly and pushed the stones out of place. There is a ring of eight bells, which regularly peel out over the city.

A massive project of repairs and restoration took place in the 1990s. All Saints re-opened in July 1997 and since then has gone from strength to strength with an average of over three thousand visitors a week.   The building is a church, a community centre and a cafe.   It is a place where people of all faiths and beliefs are welcome to pray, worship, talk, eat a delicious meal or use the space for all kinds of performances and meetings.

The Nave has been used for many different events from Shakespeare to Flamenco.   The South Chapel has been used for dinners, displays, sales, meetings and office lunches.

All Saints is a Parish church within the Church of England with regular services of worship.

If you are interested in using the church for a community or arts event, please contact Jackie Mumford on 01432 370414 or email

All Saints is a Parish church within the Church of England with regular services of worship.
Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:
Morning Celtic Prayer at 10.00am
Midday Mass at 12.10pm
Evening Celtic Prayer at 4.00pm
On Sunday:
Sung Mass 9.30am. Everyone is welcome to attend.
The Lady Chapel is always available for prayer and quiet.