Private parties: sharing plates and nibbles

rolls from the oven

We offer delicious sharing plates which we can pass to your guests whilst they’re sipping a glass of wine or Prosecco – either before dinner or simply for a drinks party or as part of an open bar. Each plate is suitable for 6 to 8 people. Please see ‘terms and conditions’ for information on minimum total charges. All prices are stated inclusive of VAT

Tapas plate

roast peppers, olives, serrano ham, sliced chorizo, hummus and our own Italian-style bread

£27.50 per plate
A loaf of Herefordshire sausages.

A generous heap of Tudge’s sausages roast in onion marmalade and served in a hollowed-out loaf

£32.50 per loaf
Fat pizza platter

Our fat little pizzas, quartered. Home made base, with sun-dried tomato sauce and cheddar cheese

£22.50 per plate
Rosemary potato plate

Little potates roast with olive oil and fresh rosemary, served with roast pepper / chilli ketchup

£11.50 per plate
Sweet plate

A plate of mini chocolate and walnut brownies and our flapjacks

£22.50 per plate
Crisps  £1 per person
 Olives  £1.50 per person